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A Mortality Tale – now an extra tasty ebook

If you click on these very words, you’ll be taken on a journey to Amazon where you’ll find my first novel, A Mortality Tale.  

If you’d rather read the actual words on actual paper, you beloved inkstained wretch, you can find the paperback in all its glorious originality at the University of Queensland Press.  And you’ll also see my second novel, Percussion, available there in paperback, too – it’s coming soon as an ebook, so stand ready, grasshoppers, to give me all your money.

A Mortality Tale is about mortals, and their tales.  Or else it’s about a woman caught up in a hit and run accident and the choices she’s forced to make to continue with her life and save her sanity.  Look, you’re better off reading it in its minty fresh Kindle-y flesh – nothing beats the real, or in this case, virtually real, thing.

By the way, observe the beautifully crafted new cover design below in all its wondrous 3-D deliciosity, or something.

A Mortality Tale novel cover

Spawned Secrets Available Now

Ever wondered what it would be like to be hunted by a serial killer in a remote rainforest during a torrential, monsoonal – yes, extremely wet – downpour?  With only a fake detective to save you?  And no weapons to speak of?

Wonder no more, dearest reader.  You can find out by forking over a little – ever so little – of the folding stuff for my third novel, Spawned Secrets, on Amazon.

And lucky you – if you prefer the paperback (also published by Zen Kettle Books), zoom over now and purchase it online at The Book Depository (FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE – does it get any better than that!!!)